“Though she be but little, she is fierce!”

―William Skakesphere,

The Mission of Bootie Camp Yoga® is to educate men & women of ALL ages in body and mind awareness through continuous flow in muscle movement, alignment, breath control & focus…while completely sculpting the BUTT & Core!

Bootie Camp Yoga® is a Power Yoga based fitness program that sculpts the BOOTY! We focus on muscle control and use of your own body’s resistance while incorporating breath control & balance. You feel AMAZING after Bootie Camp Yoga® as it sculpts your body and seriously kicks your BUTT!  The average Bootie Camp Yoga® student burn tons calories in a 60 minute class!

Bootie Camp Yoga® choreography is continuously updated by the creator, and certified Bootie Camp Yoga® instructors are trained to offer a safe and effective workout for all ages.   


My class schedule will be posted soon in the next coming weeks so sign up for my newsletter to stay in the loop. I will be teaching at a local park so that us mommies can do a yoga session while kiddos run around and play.


If the outdoors isn’t for you, then join me in a private yoga studio, however kids wont be allowed to attend.


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