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My 3 Day Journey Exploring Intermittent Fasting While On The Keto Diet.

Intermittent Fasting My 3 Day Journey! #keto #fasting # intermittentfasting

I learned about intermittent fasting a few years ago when I first embarked on the Paleo Diet. It would come up to me while I was reading on the paleo/low carb blogs. I would read about it but I never really looked into it till this year.

Earlier this year I decided to try the ketogenic diet. The ketogenic diet is great for balancing women hormones and even re-balancing insulin, as well as hunger hormones. I decided to try the keto diet to have a better balance of female hormones since I am feeling like my PCOS symptom were creeping back in to my life.


The Keto Diet and Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting My 3 Day Journey! #keto #fasting # intermittentfasting


What is Keto/ Ketogenic? 

A keto diet is a low carbohydrate way of eating. Your goal is to stay under 20 grams of net carbs for a prolonged period of time so that your body can start to make to ketones. When your body makes ketones that means your body starts to burn fat for fuel and no longer uses carbs to fuel your bodies daily energy needs. When this happens that means your body is in ketosis.


Intermittent fasting:

Is when you choose a eating windows during the day . Usually you can condenses your entire macro-nutrient/meals intake between a 4 and 7 hour window. The rest of the time you are in a fasting state. For example; I will do a 16-18 hour daily fast. I will stop eating at 7 pm and not have any meal till the following day between 10-12 p.m. When I break my fast I will eat my normal breakfast, then maybe 3 hours later have my lunch, then eat my dinner round 6-7 p.m. After my dinner I don’t eat till the following day at around 11 a.m./12 p.m.


What Is Ketosis? Hint: It Can Help You Burn Fat & Suppress Your Appetite


Intermittent Fasting My 3 Day Journey! #keto #fasting # intermittentfasting


1. Consumption of glucose from carbohydrate foods — grains, starchy vegetables, fruit, etc. — is cut way down.
2. This forces your body to find an alternative fuel source: fat (think avocados, coconut oil, salmon).
3. Meanwhile, in the absence of glucose, the body also starts to burn fat and produces ketones instead.
4. Once ketone levels in the blood rise to a certain point, you enter into a state of ketosis.
5. This state results in quick and consistent weight loss until you reach a healthy, stable body weight.

Read more about it, click here from a trusted source


Why I do the keto diet and how it helps me balance my body


I have been on the keto journey this past year so I have cycled in and out of it. I can tell my hormones loved the high fat diet. All my hot flashes, moodiness, and bad ovulation pain from my ovaries calmed down a ton this past year. The times when I cycled out of keto I found my symptoms would slowly creep back into my monthly cycle, even horrible PMS.. UGH

I have been strict keto and intermittent fasting for the past two months. 4 days a week I do my 16-18 hour fasts then 1 day a week I do a 20 hour fast. 2 days a week I don’t fast (this is usually on the weekends when I don’t fast because I want to enjoy breakfast with my family on the weekends).


I have found my body adapted really well to this scheduled way of eating and my hormones seemed to like it too. I also workout, therefore I was worried about muscle loss from not eating as soon as I was done working out ( I am a morning time workout person). Despite concerns my muscle gains seemed more now then ever before, so even my muscles like it. I also lost whatever stubborn 5 pounds of vanity weight I had going on. 5 pounds believe it or not one me a small 5’0 women is a lot to get rid of and hard. Keto and intermittent fasting seemed to do the trick for me!!


Prolonged Fasting and why my husband joined me…

Our 3 day Fast Challenge!

My husband has inflammation in is body. arthritis in his back, and degenerate disk disease, and gut issues. He recently got some blood work back that caused me to worry about him. Overall he eats a healthy diet but he still enjoys his bread and candy. So we decided to do intermittent fasting for all the health benefits. Give his digestion a break so it can re balance his gut and also help his cells clear out any old ones that are causing his inflammation

We embarked on this journey together and Ia m so glad we did this as a team!


Day one:

we started our fast at 6:30 p.m. Halloween night. I ate a two pieces of reeses pieces peanut butter cups and called it a night. We trick or treated till about 9pm and then went to be bed around 11 p.m .

In the morning I woke up and felt fine, just a bit hungry in the am. Probably from all that walking I did the night before. I worked out fasted with coffee. The coffee really helped a lot. I also made my gym hydration water that I sipped on at the gym, so I did a light leg day. Came home and made my bone broth (click here for my bone broth recipe) for later that night. I felt mildly hungry throughout the day but it was tolerable.

The bone broth at dinner tasted amazing it did the job of satisfying me. At around 8 p.m. I started to feel off.  As if someone was tuning on and off the light switch in my head, My heart started to pound fast, and I had a funky taste in my mouth. I was also starting to get cold and I just felt really blah. Like my body wanted to turn off the lights and go to sleep so It can work on whatever it needed to do while slept.

So I listened to my body, sipped on some herbal tea and went straight to sleep. I slept great!

Want to see a video of how my first day went the click here to watch part 1 of 3 prolonged intermittent fasting series.


Date two

Intermittent Fasting My 3 Day Journey! #keto #fasting # intermittentfasting


I woke up feeling a blah! Feeling super tired, my heart rate was little high and my hunger was there but not overwhelming. Basically I felt as if my body was defiantly working on something.

I decided to first have lemon water with essential lemon drops (1 drop for every 8 oz of water). I sipped on my water then had my good old cup of coffee. This day is my normal off day from the gym. I go to bible studies on Thursdays which is challenging because we usually have a potluck style breakfast full of yummy casseroles and delicious pastries. This day I decided to go a little late so I can by pass all the eating everyone was doing and not sit there being all sour faced while everyone else enjoyed their breakfast.

Arriving to my bible study powered by coffee and essential oils. I used essential oils to help uplift my mood, give me more energy, and get me through my fast in a decent mood since I was not eating. I sat down and sipped another cup of decaf coffee while enjoying  my bible study time.

By 12 pm I arrived home. I was 42 hours fasted at this point. I felt way better then from when I woke up. Delilah and I sat down and had lunch. Okay, well she had lunch and I just sipped on my nourishing bone broth. Which was so tasty and felt so good to sip on mid day. By this time I had only strictly had water, tea and coffee during my fast. So this bowl of bone broth was truly amazing and rescued my day.

The evening

The evening was good. I think the broth helped calm my body down along with essential oils. I once again went to be early and had a really great restful nights sleep. It still  seemed like my body was cleaning house over night because I truly was in a deep sleep all night.

Want to see a video of how my second day went the click here to watch part 2 of 3 prolonged intermittent fasting series.



Day Three:


My morning on this day was the hardest! This morning  woke once again with a high heart rate, super tired, and sluggish. I felt really, weak, and felt dehydrated. I drank my lemon water, coffee, and decided it is a NO GYM day for me. Simply just laid in bed and read for a hour. Then I headed to my shower for a nice long and hot relaxing shower. Oh it felt so good just to take it slow and relax. I am really glad I listened to my body this morning.

Once I was done with my shower I layered on my essential oils, drank more water, and then had a cup of coffee to help with my energy. By this time I was hungry so the coffee helped suppress my appetite. Powered by coffee, bone broth, and oils once again I felt better and was ready for my day.

My friend and I get together and do weekly meal prep for our families dinners, so I headed to her house and meal prepped with her for the rest of the afternoon. By this time I was 68 hours fasted. This is LONGEST I HAVE EVER GONE WITHOUT EATING!!

2 p.m. rolled around it was time to pick up the kids from school. I felt pretty good and was at my home stretch. I got home, dropped off the kids, then headed back out to meet up with close friends from childhood.


How I broke my fast?

Intermittent Fasting My 3 Day Journey! #keto #fasting # intermittentfasting

I had sushi with my good friends and it was the best! I had two rainbows rolls and a glass of wine. Sat back and enjoyed good girl time. By this time I had fasted for 73 hours!!!!!


My husband and conquered our goal, and the best part is we did it together!!

Want to see a video of how my third day went the click here to watch part 2 of 3 prolonged intermittent fasting series.


Did I ever get into Ketosis during my fast?

Intermittent Fasting My 3 Day Journey! #keto #fasting # intermittentfasting

YES!! I didn’t test the whole time I actually just tested a few hours before I ended my fast. I pee’d on my ketone strips (click here for the ones I use)

 Essential Oils I used and Highly Recommend During Your Fast!


Intermittent Fasting My 3 Day Journey! #keto #fasting # intermittentfasting


Doterra Essentials I highly recommend on YOUR fast are:

Lemon oil for lemon water. Clarycalm for mood support and Serenity, as well as Balance oil to balance your body with mood, uplifting and energy. If you experience headache you can use peppermint oil as well as it helps with headaches. I wore the oils, diffused them and I felt it help relax me, give me energy, and helped uplift my spirits during the fast!

Peppermint and wild orange ( this is great in water too). I diffused to help me focus, boost my mood, and give me more energy!

To check out the oils I used  click here 

My final thoughts on our 3 day fasting journey

My husband and I still talk about how great we feel due to the fast. As I type this blog post it has been 2 weeks to the day since we finished our fasting journey. My husband says his (tmi) bowl movements have been the BEST since we finished our fast together and I tell this a truly a miracle for him. He has had bowl issues for many years now so hearing this made me so happy we did this together.

For myself I feel great. My gut health is better to and my hormones are amazing this month. I had no ovulation pain, my PMS/hormones have been really great. No mood swings or the BEST part for me NO HOT FLASHES! My women cycle started and I had zero craps and menstrual flow was very good!

Intermittent fasting has helped me but the prolong fasting has defiantly cleaned house in my body and husbands body!

Click here to see my video on how I feel after my 3 day fasting journey!


5 TIPS for intermittent fasting while on a Keto diet #ketogenic #keto #fasting #intermittentfastinf #prolongedfasting

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