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My favorite products! People ask me all the time what I use for my protein supplements, vitamins, bullet proof coffee fixings, meal prep, work out gear, and so on. I thought I would make list of all the wellness products I use. I mostly shop Amazon  because I belong to Amazon prime. Shopping Amazon is so convenient as well. Most of the products I use are so expensive at the stores. I end up saving a ton of money just by buying them on Amazon 

These products/supplements I highly recommend looking into any of my favorite supplements that I list below. Over the years I have used many of these supplements. Therefore, I feel great about recommending them to everyone and calling them my favorite. I research quality, clean ingredients so most of these are free of crazy ingredients.


I am very much into health, wellness, and fitness, so 90% of time I am always researching the cleanest products that are out there. Luckily Amazon carries a lot of them so that makes me easy and I also read the reviews and all of these have great reviews.


As time goes by I will add to list and might even take away things from this list (if i find a alternative product that i think is worthy of replacing). Be sure to check on this page every so often so see what my latest recommends are.  If you have any questions regarding any of the products feel free to comment below and I will do my best to answer you.

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My Favorite Supplements





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