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    Tomato Planting Season & How I Plant My Tomatoes!

    Tomato season is here and its officially spring!!

    I love spring season, its one of my favorite seasons of the year. The weather is a perfect warmth of 72-80 degrees, which I personally love. We get way more sunny hours so that means I get keep my windows open longer and enjoy the cool crisp air of the spring season.

    I also love my garden. I have been a gardener for two years and I truly love it. For many years I have always dreamed of having a vegetable garden. I believe this wish started as a child when I used to follow both of my grandmothers around in their gardens. My Grandma Juana has tons of chili growing for my grandpa (he loved his spicy food).

    My grandma Juana also has fruit trees growing, and herbs. Grandma Juana still makes the best fresh juices from her guava, lemon, and, orange trees. Grandma Juana also makes the best homemade apricot jam that I have ever had. I jokingly call this grandma the original hipster. She always advocates frugal living and eating nutrient dense foods. Grandma Juana is seriously ahead of her times, or for that matter she is the trend that was meant to be our trend now.

    My grandmother from my moms side of family is Selena, aka Nana. Nana lived in Baja California for a few years when I was a teenager. My grandparents both decided to retire to Mexico, therefore we often visited them in Ensenada. I loved our visits to Ensenada. Our visit with them are most memorable to me, because this is the time we truly were able to spend quality time with both of them. My grandparents both seemed in their element too. As a girl I remember following my Nana around in her backyard garden full of flower, succulents, and, fruit trees. I would watch her water her garden in silence during the early mornings or late afternoon, she was so content with her plants.

    I don’t think you need to have green thumb to be good gardener. However, I just believe there needs to be a will to want to tend to your garden. For me, my garden does very well. I am shocked at this at times because I started out not having a clue what to do. Even though I grew up watching my grandmas tend to their garden with their “green thumbs”, I personally didn’t know what the secret is growing a garden. My grandmothers both speak Spanish and I speak none. Yes I know, its pretty sad.

    My Grandma Juana would start to tell me in English her garden secrets but she would then venture into finishing off her garden secrets in Spanish. ( I am sure some of you reading this can relate). The important message they both taught me without spoken words is they both loved gardening. As a little girl I must have picked up on their love vibes of gardening and somehow carried that love with me. I knew I wanted to have a garden of my on in my life that I can tend to so I can have the peace and tranquility I saw in my grandmothers while they gardened.

    How I learned to grow my garden

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