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    Morning Cleansing Detox Drink Water You Should Be Drinking Everyday!

    Morning Detox Water promotes weightloss, gut health, blodd sugar regulation, and overall healthy body detoxing functions by supporting the liver and gut health!

     Apple Cider Vinegar

    Drinking apple cidervinegar has many tremendous benefits for your body, as well as the the bodies cleansing/detoxing functions.
    Now, you can’t just buy old bottle of  apple cider vinegar aka ACV. It has to be “raw”, unpasteurized, and unfiltered. Buying this type of apple cider vinegar will assure you that you are getting all the beneficial raw enzymes and beneficial bacteria that give this elixir water the detoxing benefits.

    The 5 Detoxing Benefits of ACV Are:

    Morning Detox Water promotes weightloss, gut health, blodd sugar regulation, and overall healthy body detoxing functions by supporting the liver and gut health!

    1.Healthy Gut!

    ACV helps to maintain stomach acids and alkaline levels in the body. alkaline is your bodies PH levels so the more balance this Ph level the better your body can fight off disease. Also, your stomach is considered to be the control house for your immune/cleansing system.
    Drinking ACV helps your stomach acids, which in turn will help your body break down food making more nutrients bio available to you/body. Most people lack stomach acid these days from eating a standard American diet full of bad foods, which will wreck havoc on your stomach/intestinal lining.
    Do you suffer from heart burn? If so then this is a sign you have low stomach acids.

    2. Candida Overgrowth aka Yeast infections:

    Candida is bad bacteria overgrowth in the body. Its a yeast that lives in our body and will grow, grow, and grow. Signs of candida overgrowth are constant yeast infections, sugar cravings, bad memory, headaches. Eating over processed foods, sugars, and high carbohydrate diets which all can make these bad boy bacteria’s populate even more. Sometimes out numbering the good bacteria in your gut. creating a bad cycle that will make them grow, grow, and grow!
    ACV is here coming to the rescue! This wonderful old world healing tonic will feed the good gut bacteria in your body helping these beneficial bacteria’s grow. The more good bacteria you have in your GUT the more your body can rid itself of the bad bacteria and focus on DETOXING/Cleansing the body.

    3. Liver Detoxing

    Is so important for your body. If you don’t have a strong health liver then your body can’t eliminate toxins from your body.

    The whole purpose of your liver is to rid your body of disease causing toxins.

    ACV once again will help with the PH balance in the body making it easier for the body to release these toxins to the liver. Once its arrives to the liver. The live will flush our environmental toxins it is presented with.

    The live will receive the toxins as well as the benefits of the ACV making it easier to do it job, which is detoxification!

    4. Weight loss

    Two tablespoons a day in a 16 oz glass of water sipping on it through the day will help lower your feeling of wanting to eat everything in sight, especially when your trying to lose weight. ACV will help your body slowly adapt to the weight-loss

    process, and as I mentioned before it will help reduce sugar cravings, keep you hydrated which sometime our body mistakes for hunger.

    5. Blood sugar regulation and high blood pressure.

    ACV has trace mineral of magnesium, potassium which will help with blood circulation and sodium levels. The magnesium will help the relaxation of blood vessel walls making your body have a lower blood pressure.

    Speaking of lowering. ACV will also reduce blood sugar this is especially helpful for type 2 diabetics

    Just two tablespoons a day will help register your morning/fasting glucose numbers by 4-6% every morning. Also, taking 1 tablespoon 30 min before a meal will also help blood sugar as well and help your gut to be prepared to handle whatever you eat and beak it down that day.

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    Blueberry Jam, Simple, Easy, & Delicious

    Blueberry picking to make homemade delicious, yummy, great tasting BLUEBERRY JAM! Check out my recipe at

    Its is Blueberry Jam Season!

    Blueberry picking to make homemade delicious, yummy, great tasting BLUEBERRY JAM! Check out my recipe at


    My two favorite things are now ready for me to enjoy this season. I love, love, love, blueberries and, I love me some delicious, sweet, good old fashioned homemade blueberry jam.

    Jam just always has a special place in my heart. It goes well with one of my favorite childhood lunches, which is guess?? Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwhiches!


    I am such a lucky gal that we literally live 2 minutes away from a Blueberry Patch here in TEMECULA!


    Blueberry Picking

    Blueberry picking to make homemade delicious, yummy, great tasting BLUEBERRY JAM! Check out my recipe at



    Every blueberry season I take my kids to the blueberry patch to pick our very own pints of blueberries. I like to go on a crisp cool morning in the summer because the blueberry patch is way less crowded, it also nice and cool, and , you just feel like you in a whole other state (not in California).


    Our local Temecula blueberry patch is nestled in a small, quite, secluded area in the city. Away from all the hustle and bustle of suburban life. So taking my kids there on a quite summer morning is something I look forward to. We pick our blueberries, then head over to their little red barn house and look at the chickens and farm animals they have.

    If we are lucky, sometimes there is story time telling so we all sit and listen to a nice short story read by one of the lovely workers. From there we head over to pay for our blueberries, grab some local honey they have for sale, and set off to make something special with our special blueberries.

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    Instant Pot Chipotle Crispy Carnitas

    Instant Pot Crispy Chipotle Carnitas

    Cinco De Mayo is here so this recipe is a perfect festive dish to make.  You know how much I love my Instant Pot so I thought I would cook carnitas in the handy dandy Instant Pot. Traditionally, you do this in a big, heavy pot, and stir the seasonings into the oil and then let the pork cook over a really low flame until it’s falling apart. Then you turn up the heat briefly to sear it. The end result is  meat that’s crisp on the outside, but tender enough to pull apart with a fork. YUM!

    The slow cooker method is basically throwing all the ingredients together in the slow cooker, letting cook for 8 hours or longer till the meat is able to shredded apart easily. Once that is done you transfer it to a oven safe dish and cook it for additional 30 min, or until the meat gets crispy and the juices boil down. Leaving you with delicious crispy carnitas!


    Instant Pot Carnitas in half the time!

    Now that we are in 2017 we have amazing kitchen gadgets such as the Instant Pot, which essentially is a pressure cooker. Back in day people used to use pressure cookers to cook their meals but the risk of the lids blowing off were very scary!!! Fast forward to our decade and they have made a NEW safer kitchen friendly pressure cooker which is my number one friend in my kitchen! Click here to see the version I use.

    Carnitas can be made, literally in less then 2 hours with the meat shredded and nicely tender!

    I decided to experiment in the kitchen and use chipotle peppers in my recipe to give it a little spin off the traditional way of making a mexican carnitas recipe. Adding the chipotle peppers gives this recipe a great kick! So if you like spicy then this recipe is for you! I served this recipe with traditional Mexican rice for my family. I had it with cilantro cauliflower rice and it paired very well with the chipolte carnitas.

    We enjoyed making tacos with corn tortillas (the kids/husband) and I had lettuce cups. Guacamole and fresh pico de gallo salsa as our topping and we all had a perfect taco Tuesday meal. The Crispy literally adds a whole unami to the recipe!

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    Carrot Cake Recipe | Grain Free | Paleo! 

    The Best Carrot Cake | Grain Free | Paleo

    Easter Holiday

    This weekend is Easter weekend, one of my favorite holidays. I have many great memories as a kid when it was Easter. We as a family, would travel over to my grandparents houses and visit both families. Both of my grandparents live in the same city so that made it easy for us as a family to see both sides of the family and too be honest it still does. My grandmothers are both still alive, therefore I am very blessed to be in my mid 30’s and have both of them in life and being able to visit them.



    Easter for me as a kid was filled with family, tons of food, sweet treats (sometimes homemade), and baskets galore from aunts and uncles. Easter is as big holiday for our family. I would leave back home after our Easter visit from the grandparents houses with chocolates bunnies, baskets full of candy and a full belly!

    During the Easter egg hunt my uncle would secretly tell me where all the eggs were hidden so that I can get the upper hand on all my older cousins. I am the youngest grand daughter on my dads side of the family so this came with perks; especially during the Easter egg hunt!

    Now that I am full grown women and have a family of my own I still enjoy Easter. Easter is the same for me since I was a child. That same tradition of Easter is passed on to my kids, they even get the exact same atmosphere as I did (this makes me smile as I write this). As a mother there is no greater joy then to make the holidays special and meaningful for your kids. I have to credit my parents and family for creating the feelings joy on Easter I felt as a child. I have many great Easter memories. The love of passing down the holiday tradition/spirit to my kids, which is a big deal to me.

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    Instant Pot / Slow Cooker Easy Shredded Mexican Chicken Adobo

    Why I meal Prep?

    Every Monday for the past year I have done meal prep Mondays. I make healthy lunches for myself and my husband. Making and prepping our lunches ahead of time has saved me a ton of time during the week, therefore I no longer feel overwhelmed as soon as 12pm rolls around due to the fact  I am stressing about what to make myself for lunch. I would spend 30 min every day making myself something to eat. At times my lunches weren’t the healthiest of foods either because I just wanted to throw any food together.

    I decided last year that I need to change this and somehow make my lunches healthier and easier. Meal prepping seemed like the solution for me. So I bought myself a Instant Pot pressure cooker on black Friday 2015. I didn’t really know how to use it so after reading blogs and watching YouTube this kitchen gadget became my best friend!

    I use my Instant Pot often, as it cuts down cooking time in major ways. The Instant pot works like a slow cooker but takes way less time. For example; I used to make bone broth in my slow cooker and that recipe takes 24 hours to complete. Cooking in the Instant Pot takes 2 hours to complete. Carnitas is another recipe that would take 8 hours to cook in the slow cooker, now in the Instant pot it takes 1 hour for perfectly shredded carnitas.


    I highly suggest getting the Instant Pot. I also highly recommend getting into the habit of meal prepping your meals. Trust me its a time savor. Meal prepping ensures my husband and I have quality, nourishing, healthy lunches.


    You can find all my meal prep must haves here . Scroll all the way down the page till you see the title ” Meal Prepping Favorites”.

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    21 Day Sugar Detox Week 3 & Mashed Cauliflower Shepard’s Pie Recipe

    My last week on the 21 Day Sugar Detox, Week 3:


    Low Carb | Healthy | Clean Eating

    Mashed Cauliflower Shepard’s Pie Recipe


    Last weeks detox journey was very interesting, it basically made me face the temptation of sweets head on with the celebration of my daughters 7th birthday. I also had to deal with feeling overwhelmed with juggling the party planning, food prep, and staying on track. I breezed through week 2. You can find my 21 Day Sugar Detox blog post week 2 HERE.


    21 Day Sugar Detox week 3 was full of a whole other set of challenges. This week is the week that I knew would make or break the detox for me. The week in general is always one of the hardest week I have to endure every year. This week is my 1st daughters birthday week, her name is Hailey, she will be 14 years old on January 20th. Hailey however sleeps in heaven. She passed away at 6 weeks old almost 14 years ago. It was sudden and unexpected, it turned my world upside down. I won’t get into too much detail now about my little butterfly in heaven Hailey (I will right a future blog post about her when I am ready) but I wanted to touch on it because her loss was something I had to go through while on the sugar detox.

    Normally around this time I would use sweets to comfort my pain from the loss of my daughter Hailey. A bowl of ice cream, cookies, cupcakes, candy, pie, etc… does sound pretty good and comforting when your heart is hurting right? It’s what you naturally want to do.  Even we as mothers give our kids a bowl of ice cream when they are sad. My brain dealt with her loss in the form of sweets for many years. This year however would be different for me. I would have to find a way to deal with my emotions and not use sugar to sooth my heart. That also meant no beloved wine either (darn)!!! Read more

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    21 Day Sugar Detox Week 2 & Spicy Thai Trail Mix Recipe

    21 Day Sugar Detox week two experience…


    The 2nd week of the 21 Day Sugar Detox was  different from my 1st week. My first week as you may have read in my week one blog post have been full of cravings, sugar detox symptoms, hunger, and headaches (also known as the carb flu)

    This week however, was much more tolerable to me and my husband. The week started out with me meal prepping my lunches for myself and my husband. I also pre-planned my dinners as well. For breakfast I basically ate the same thing every morning. I know eating the same thing EVERY morning doesn’t sound fun but why make life harder, especially on a detox if you don’t mind a few meals being the same, so for me breakfast was pretty basic.




    My breakfast consisted of:

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