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    Kombucha & 10 reasons Why You need To Drink This Healthy Green Tea!

    Drinking healthy Kombucha has so many health benefits such as; helping with nutrition, detoxing and boosting you Immune system! Read my 10 reasons on why you should drink this everyday!

    My Adventure with Kombucha!

    Its been over 4 years that I have been making/fermenting kombucha in my kitchen. I discovered kombucha because I was I wanted to rid myself of the diet 7up habit I had been drinking nightly. I knew diet drinks are bad, plus I had just found out I had women hormone issues and was given a diagnoses of PCOS , making me to be considered infertile to my doctors (That is a whole other blog post).

    One night I was on Etsy (of all places) and I came across this item for sale calling it Kombucha and how it is a great replacement for soda. All you need to is order a kit from that Etsy shop. So curiosity got the best of me. I clicked over and read what it was about. From the description it seemed like it was a perfect fit and the answer to replacing my nightly diet soda habit.

    Healthy Elixir Kombucha Soda!

    Yup that is what caught my eye 4 years ago. The Etsy add that promised a fizz like carbonated drink, along with healthy natural probiotic fermentation!



    I had no clue what that meant but I was intrigued, so I ordered the kit. In meantime of my anticipation for the kit to arrive I did some googling on what Kombucha was, all the benefits, as well as recipes. Kombucha 4 years ago was not on the radar at all. No grocery stores sold it, no one locally had starters, and It was its own little world of at home fermentors.

    As I learned more and more about Kombucha I learned that it replicates itself, and people call a it a baby aka Scoby


    What is a Scoby aka Kombucha baby?

    A SCOBY (for symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) is a syntrophic mixed culture, generally associated with kombucha fermentation (by yeast), anaerobic organic acid fermentation (by bacteria), and aerobic ethanol oxidation to acetate (by bacteria) all take place together.  A  Scoby is gelatinous, cellulose-based biofilm. Basically it looks like one big BlOB!


    It’s usually unpasteurized (if made from home, however store bought is pasteurized).  Kombucha can be used similarly to Mother of vinegar to begin fermentation in pasteurized sweet tea. You can read more by click here .

    Let the Kombucha Adventure Begin.

    My Kombucha kit arrived and I was ready delve into the fermentation world. I had read all the risk that can happen with home brewing but for some reason I wasn’t scared of it. I simply followed the directions given to me, sourced organic ingredients such as

    • Organic Green Tea
    • Organic Raw Turbinado sugar
    • Clean glass jar
    • 1 paper towel
    • rubber band

    Yup that is all you need!

    Happy Fermentation!

    I have never tasted Kombucha so I had no clue what the end result would be like. All I knew from the taste is from what I read, which said it should have  a slightly sour taste. Kinda of like apple cider but should also be sweet. Since this was 4 years ago and stores didn’t sell it I had to just go off my very own first batch.


    I made my first batch and let it ferment for 11 days. Man was I so excited, it seemed like forever. I would open my cabinet (needs to be stored in a dark cool place while fermenting) and just stare at it. I wanted to make sure it was ok. By day 7 I can see it had already produced a baby Kombucha. Boy was I excited because that was a sign it was doing it right.

    Excitement I wanted to spread!

    I remember I was in Moms Club at the time. I went to a play date that day and shared my kitchen experiment with all my Moms Club friends. They thought I was some crazy hippie lady.  Talking about babies, and, blobs regrowing themselves, and how good it is for your health lol! I was already pawning off my future Kombucha babies to my friends.


    Now that I look back I think it’s funny and I did seem over the top weird about it.  I was so intrigued by it, and at the same time on a quest for better health. Little did I know I was at beginning of this crazy trend that is super popular now.

    Side note: so glad I learned about Kombucha and how to make, there is no way I can $5 bottle for a bottle of good Kombucha! CRAZY!! It cost less then that to make more then a dozen bottles.


    Drinking healthy Kombucha has so many health benefits such as; helping with nutrition, detoxing and boosting you Immune system! Read my 10 reasons on why you should drink this everyday!

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    Morning Cleansing Detox Drink Water You Should Be Drinking Everyday!

    Morning Detox Water promotes weightloss, gut health, blodd sugar regulation, and overall healthy body detoxing functions by supporting the liver and gut health!

     Apple Cider Vinegar

    Drinking apple cidervinegar has many tremendous benefits for your body, as well as the the bodies cleansing/detoxing functions.
    Now, you can’t just buy old bottle of  apple cider vinegar aka ACV. It has to be “raw”, unpasteurized, and unfiltered. Buying this type of apple cider vinegar will assure you that you are getting all the beneficial raw enzymes and beneficial bacteria that give this elixir water the detoxing benefits.

    The 5 Detoxing Benefits of ACV Are:

    Morning Detox Water promotes weightloss, gut health, blodd sugar regulation, and overall healthy body detoxing functions by supporting the liver and gut health!

    1.Healthy Gut!

    ACV helps to maintain stomach acids and alkaline levels in the body. alkaline is your bodies PH levels so the more balance this Ph level the better your body can fight off disease. Also, your stomach is considered to be the control house for your immune/cleansing system.
    Drinking ACV helps your stomach acids, which in turn will help your body break down food making more nutrients bio available to you/body. Most people lack stomach acid these days from eating a standard American diet full of bad foods, which will wreck havoc on your stomach/intestinal lining.
    Do you suffer from heart burn? If so then this is a sign you have low stomach acids.

    2. Candida Overgrowth aka Yeast infections:

    Candida is bad bacteria overgrowth in the body. Its a yeast that lives in our body and will grow, grow, and grow. Signs of candida overgrowth are constant yeast infections, sugar cravings, bad memory, headaches. Eating over processed foods, sugars, and high carbohydrate diets which all can make these bad boy bacteria’s populate even more. Sometimes out numbering the good bacteria in your gut. creating a bad cycle that will make them grow, grow, and grow!
    ACV is here coming to the rescue! This wonderful old world healing tonic will feed the good gut bacteria in your body helping these beneficial bacteria’s grow. The more good bacteria you have in your GUT the more your body can rid itself of the bad bacteria and focus on DETOXING/Cleansing the body.

    3. Liver Detoxing

    Is so important for your body. If you don’t have a strong health liver then your body can’t eliminate toxins from your body.

    The whole purpose of your liver is to rid your body of disease causing toxins.

    ACV once again will help with the PH balance in the body making it easier for the body to release these toxins to the liver. Once its arrives to the liver. The live will flush our environmental toxins it is presented with.

    The live will receive the toxins as well as the benefits of the ACV making it easier to do it job, which is detoxification!

    4. Weight loss

    Two tablespoons a day in a 16 oz glass of water sipping on it through the day will help lower your feeling of wanting to eat everything in sight, especially when your trying to lose weight. ACV will help your body slowly adapt to the weight-loss

    process, and as I mentioned before it will help reduce sugar cravings, keep you hydrated which sometime our body mistakes for hunger.

    5. Blood sugar regulation and high blood pressure.

    ACV has trace mineral of magnesium, potassium which will help with blood circulation and sodium levels. The magnesium will help the relaxation of blood vessel walls making your body have a lower blood pressure.

    Speaking of lowering. ACV will also reduce blood sugar this is especially helpful for type 2 diabetics

    Just two tablespoons a day will help register your morning/fasting glucose numbers by 4-6% every morning. Also, taking 1 tablespoon 30 min before a meal will also help blood sugar as well and help your gut to be prepared to handle whatever you eat and beak it down that day.

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    21 Day Sugar Detox Week 3 & Mashed Cauliflower Shepard’s Pie Recipe

    My last week on the 21 Day Sugar Detox, Week 3:


    Low Carb | Healthy | Clean Eating

    Mashed Cauliflower Shepard’s Pie Recipe


    Last weeks detox journey was very interesting, it basically made me face the temptation of sweets head on with the celebration of my daughters 7th birthday. I also had to deal with feeling overwhelmed with juggling the party planning, food prep, and staying on track. I breezed through week 2. You can find my 21 Day Sugar Detox blog post week 2 HERE.


    21 Day Sugar Detox week 3 was full of a whole other set of challenges. This week is the week that I knew would make or break the detox for me. The week in general is always one of the hardest week I have to endure every year. This week is my 1st daughters birthday week, her name is Hailey, she will be 14 years old on January 20th. Hailey however sleeps in heaven. She passed away at 6 weeks old almost 14 years ago. It was sudden and unexpected, it turned my world upside down. I won’t get into too much detail now about my little butterfly in heaven Hailey (I will right a future blog post about her when I am ready) but I wanted to touch on it because her loss was something I had to go through while on the sugar detox.

    Normally around this time I would use sweets to comfort my pain from the loss of my daughter Hailey. A bowl of ice cream, cookies, cupcakes, candy, pie, etc… does sound pretty good and comforting when your heart is hurting right? It’s what you naturally want to do.  Even we as mothers give our kids a bowl of ice cream when they are sad. My brain dealt with her loss in the form of sweets for many years. This year however would be different for me. I would have to find a way to deal with my emotions and not use sugar to sooth my heart. That also meant no beloved wine either (darn)!!! Read more

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    21 Day Sugar Detox Week 2 & Spicy Thai Trail Mix Recipe

    21 Day Sugar Detox week two experience…


    The 2nd week of the 21 Day Sugar Detox was  different from my 1st week. My first week as you may have read in my week one blog post have been full of cravings, sugar detox symptoms, hunger, and headaches (also known as the carb flu)

    This week however, was much more tolerable to me and my husband. The week started out with me meal prepping my lunches for myself and my husband. I also pre-planned my dinners as well. For breakfast I basically ate the same thing every morning. I know eating the same thing EVERY morning doesn’t sound fun but why make life harder, especially on a detox if you don’t mind a few meals being the same, so for me breakfast was pretty basic.




    My breakfast consisted of:

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    21 Day Sugar Detox: Week 1 & Instant Pot Homade “Not to sweet” Ketchup

       21 Day Sugar Detox Week One: The Hidden Sugar!


    It’s the New Year, January 2017 therefore it is resolution time for me. I have major goals this year but my first goal in mind is to conquer the BIG sweet tooth I have, have always loved sweets. I am an anything with chocolate fan.  In fact, the way to my heart is paved with chocolate. I eat pretty “clean” these days but my biggest downfall is sweets. Most people who know me assumeI eat super healthy all the time; and most of the time I do…until I see some sweets in front of me!

    My big problem is that I like artificial sweeteners and I have been using them a lot. My first go to was Splenda (many years ago), but then I learned Splenda isn’t the healthiest option for you because it is loaded with chemicals that can be hard on your body. Then I found Stevia so I figured this is the answer to my artificial sweetener dilemma. I made the switch over to Stevia which I heard is a all natural sweetener and has minimal processing, plus it is a actual herb.

    This notion totally feed into my sugar monster habit. I was using Stevia everyday in my morning coffee. Often, I bought jellies and syrups and would consume these with my morning breakfast. I also used Stevia to bake with often. I probably used Stevia about 4-6 times a day, so basically anything that had sugar in it I would replace it with Stevia. This would fuel my no guilt habit since it was zero calorie just like Splenda.


    Then one day I was reading a blog post (read here) from the Paleo Mom blog. In her blog post she address all the sweeteners

    there, ranging from natural to artificial. When it came to the topic of Stevia she broke it down really well to me. Basically, the article explains that Stevia is a processed artificial sweetener, especially if it comes in the form of white powder. Stevia actually comes from a plant that is green  so they have to process and bleach it in order for it to become the white colored powder that we all see in the store.

    On top of all this, the Stevia we often see in the stores are mixed with another powder called dextrose, so in reality we aren’t even getting the true Stevia plant. After reading the blog post I went to the store and started to look at the usual brands I bought, which are Stevia In The Raw or Pure Via. I thought to myself, “wow Paleo Mom was right”.

    As I researched more about Stevia I had found it doesn’t really help your body. For example; it will make you crave more sweets just like all other artificial sweeteners in the market and Stevia will make you bloated because your stomach has a hard time breaking it down due to all the processing that is done to it. Stevia also plays with many hormones such as; hunger hormone signals, women hormones, and even brain signaling appetite hormones as well.  Read more