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    Keto Spicy Thai Nut Mix Recipe (Paleo, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Low Carb)

    I love this trail nut mix recipe. I discovered it last year when I was a the 21 day sugar detox. It is so easy to make and really delicious. Now that I follow the keto diet.  I went through some of my favorite 21 day sugar detox recipes that I really enjoyed. This recipe is very keto and low carb friendly.


    Homemade Spicy Thai Nut Mix KETO | PALEO | 21DSD #keto #paleo #21dsd #lowcarb #trailmix #ketorecipe

    Why you should make your own trail nut mix!

    While doing keto you have to be careful with hidden sugars or carbs that can be found in store-bought nut trail mixes. A lot of the Nut mixes in the stores are coated with sugar or have fruit in them and no one wants to pick out the dried fruit that you cant eat because it’s not low carb friendly.

    I also don’t like hydrogenated/refined oils that they store bought nut mixes have. Store bought nut mixes usually roast their nuts in bad canola oils or vegetable oils. Which are one of the worst oils you can use, especially if roasting at high temperature in the oven?

    Click here to read more about why YOU shouldn’t use these oils.


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    Keto Friendly Chocolate Chip Cookies

    The Best Keto Chocolate Chip You Will Ever Have! #keto #ketorecipe #ketogenic #ketocookie #cookie

    Yes, you can actually have a cookie on the keto diet! Chewy, delicious, soft cookies are my favorite kind of cookie. Like the chips ahoy cookies you can find at the store that are NOT keto friendly!

    Stumbling on the recipes while watching Youtube. I decided I had to give these Keto friendly chewy chocolate chip cookies a try for myself.

    This chewy chocolate chip cookie is the first keto cookie I have ever tried to make. I started Keto the beginning of January so I knew I would need to have a cookie recipe that I loved, and that was keto friendly as well.

    The Best Keto Chocolate Chip Cookie, Chewy and Tasty!


    The Best Keto Chocolate Chip You Will Ever Have! #keto #ketorecipe #ketogenic #ketocookie #cookie


    To my surprise, the secret ingredient to this cookie that makes it so soft and chewy is grass-fed beef collagen! I am a big fan of collagen.  I use it almost every day in my coffee or to thicken sauces. It’s flavorless so you cant taste it when you mix it with foods, or beverages and collagen are packed with tons of nutrition!

    I used sugar-free chocolate chips in my recipe to also make it a Keto friendly cookie. I whipped these cookies up in no time.

    the final outcome is a perfectly sweet, nice soft texture, and a truly delicious cookie! I would truly have this cookie over a traditional flour non-keto cookie. Trust me you want to make this cookie. My kids are the ultimate taste testers. I have a picky teenager who thinks anything healthy is nasty. I have a toddler who is so picky about texture and looks, and I have a 7-year-old who is gluten-free and cant have any old cookie if it has gluten.

    The kids approve… All 3 of them. Now I have a healthy cookie recipe that is Keto friendly, gluten-free, and family approved!

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