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21 Day Sugar Detox Week 3 & Mashed Cauliflower Shepard’s Pie Recipe

My last week on the 21 Day Sugar Detox, Week 3:


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Mashed Cauliflower Shepard’s Pie Recipe


Last weeks detox journey was very interesting, it basically made me face the temptation of sweets head on with the celebration of my daughters 7th birthday. I also had to deal with feeling overwhelmed with juggling the party planning, food prep, and staying on track. I breezed through week 2. You can find my 21 Day Sugar Detox blog post week 2 HERE.


21 Day Sugar Detox week 3 was full of a whole other set of challenges. This week is the week that I knew would make or break the detox for me. The week in general is always one of the hardest week I have to endure every year. This week is my 1st daughters birthday week, her name is Hailey, she will be 14 years old on January 20th. Hailey however sleeps in heaven. She passed away at 6 weeks old almost 14 years ago. It was sudden and unexpected, it turned my world upside down. I won’t get into too much detail now about my little butterfly in heaven Hailey (I will right a future blog post about her when I am ready) but I wanted to touch on it because her loss was something I had to go through while on the sugar detox.

Normally around this time I would use sweets to comfort my pain from the loss of my daughter Hailey. A bowl of ice cream, cookies, cupcakes, candy, pie, etc… does sound pretty good and comforting when your heart is hurting right? It’s what you naturally want to do.  Even we as mothers give our kids a bowl of ice cream when they are sad. My brain dealt with her loss in the form of sweets for many years. This year however would be different for me. I would have to find a way to deal with my emotions and not use sugar to sooth my heart. That also meant no beloved wine either (darn)!!!

So Monday rolled around and I did my usual, I meal prepped food for the week, planned out my snacks, and dinners.

For this weeks lunches I made:

Chicken thighs grilled


Cauliflower rice

Sweet potato fries

Snacks where:

Green tipped bananas

Green apples

Trail nut mix

Hard boiled eggs

Cauliflower hummus, which I may add is very tasty and close to hummus in flavor. I would dip my veggies in it


I kept very busy with prepping and planning the week. Also, I kept busy by focusing on learning my yoga routine that I will soon be teaching. I found it very soothing and relaxing. The breathing is so helpful, it’s as if my soul wanted to release all the hurt in my heart with every exhale. Every pose was held strong but also gracefully transitioned into the next pose.

It was at this point that I began to understand why yoga is so special, how it can be healing, and how you get know your inner heart. I am glad I am on the right path of yoga. My other focus this week was my Beautycounter business that I want to grow and build, therefore I stayed focused on organizing my business plans for the year and creating goals for myself.

I did have emotions come up. I had moments of sadness, that deep pit you feel in your heart. My grief was there and I was carrying it around. Knowing I wanted to speak to it. I dealt with my emotions when i would feel them. I cried if I needed to, I talked about how I felt to my husband, who by the was was still on the detox with me. He is a big support and is my rock when I have times like this, so at night I would vent to him. My plan was not to hold it in because if I did I would turn to sugar and I wasn’t going to let that be a option (at least not this time) Her birthday fell on a Friday this year.

My husband took the day off to be with me because I hate being alone all day while the kids are in school. Normally I would go visit her where she rests and have my moments with with her. I take balloons and flowers and lay there in the grass with her spirit. However this year was different, it decided to be the rainiest week in California. That Friday it rained all day so visiting her wasn’t in the cards.

Later that night we went out to the local organic store and bought food from their salad bar and small cake for the kids to have later. We came home and ate our dinner,  then sang happy birthday to Hailey, the kids blew her birthday candles out and they all shared this cute little cake with ice cream. We sat around and talked about her, my parents were visiting that day too. It was a nice evening and it was all sugar free for me…. That cake did look good though!!


Week 3 was a whirlwind week of emotions, too many birthdays in January for me. However looking back I am glad I choose to do this detox in January, it may be a hard month for me emotionally but I figured the new year is all about change so why not try this sugar detox out.


Other then feeling super emotional I had other symptoms come up, both good and bad. As the week passed I started to feel my headaches comes back and my sweet tooth/ sugar cravings were making an appearance too. Symptoms of week one came back but not too crazy. It wasn’t as bad as the headaches and cravings I was getting in week one. As far as the good symptoms I had a few..


My good symptoms:


  1. Clear skin, like super clear, no acne at all. Not even small pimples I get on my forehead that I thought I would get from going to the gym because of my head sweating. I looked into this region of pimples on my forehead and read that small cluster pimples on your forehead are signs of digestive distress and liver overload. So turns out maybe I had this and the detox was cleaning out my system and the pimples too.
  2. Good digestion (TMI) my lovely bowl movements have been just that!! Lets just say they are nice and hefty and feels like a ton of stuff is being cleared out.
  3. No bloating what so ever, my stomach was as flat as a board even after I ate. I used to always get bloated, especially after I ate food. So this was a major change I noticed. I had less burping too.
  4. I totally changed my eating habits and continued to try new food I normally wouldn’t eat. Making my diet more broad and eating a ton of nutrient dense foods.


One of my favorite meals I made this week was this Mashed Cauliflower Shepherds Pie recipe that I totally made up and threw together. My kids don’t really care for mashed sweet potatoes, so I made cauliflower mash instead.

Ingredients : Cauliflower Mashed Potato

  • 1 head of organic cauliflower
  • 2 Tablespoons Kerry-gold butter
  • Flavor God “Everything Spicy” Seasoning
  • 1 cup almond milk (or any nut milk/dairy milk)
  • 1 garlic clove
  • chopped chives
  • Salt and pepper to taste

Ingredients: Meat Mixture

  • 1 pound lean ground turkey
  • 1 pound grass-fed ground beef
  • 3 medium zucchini (chopped)
  • 1 cup sharp cheddar cheese
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • Flavor God “Everything Spicy” Seasoning
  • Ground Cumin
  • Salt and pepper to taste


Recipe directions for the Meat Mixture:

Chop Zucchini into little chunks, as well as onions and cook together for 7 min till you see onions turn a translucent color.

Chop Zucchini

Chop 3 zucchini


One large onion chopped


Once onions and zucchini are tender add the grass-fed ground meat and turkey to a oven safe dish ( I used a Le Creuset pan). Season your meat with the spices below.


Meat Mixture Spices

Meat Mixture Spices

Brown the meat nice and brown for about 20 min. You can also drain the excess fat here, but that optional



Recipe Directions: Cauliflower Mash


Get your full head of cauliflower and chop into 4 sections, then place in a steamer basket for 20 min till its soft and can easily pierce with a fork.

Delicious easy to make cauliflower mash.

Steam one head of cauliflower for 20 min till a fork can pierce through it.



Cauliflower Mash recipe spices

Cauliflower Mash recipe spices I seasoned with.


Let the cauliflower cool then place in a blender/vitamix/Ninja and blend, along with all the spices, nut milk, garlic, and grass-fed butter. Blend all together till you have a creamy (not super runny) consistency just like regular mashed potatoes. Once all done then place on top of the meat mixture and bake together for 30 minutes at 375 degrees.

Blending cauliflower in the vitamix for cauliflower mash

Blend in a blender till you have smooth mashed potato consistency. If you have a high speed blender be careful not to blend too much.

Here I used a Le Creuset cast Iron oven safe pan


Once your done baking for 35 minutes pull the baking dish out of the oven. The cauliflower mash needs to have a browned color as seen in the picture, that is when you know you can add the cheese to the top and the chopped chives

Bake in the oven till cauliflower mash is browned on top

Baked cauliflower Mash and Meat Mixture in the oven till browned


Chopped Chives

Chop chives and place on top of Shepard Pie

Now is your time to add your favorite cheeses. I used sharp cheddar, but smoked Gouda or white cheddar would go well too!

Sherpards Pie Cheese Mixture

Top Shepard Pie with your favorite cheese and bake for another few minutes.

Bake for 5 min, then check on it to see if its melted if it is then turn your boiler on and bake under the broiler for another 7 min but I would check on it at 5 min. Cheese should have a nice crispy browned look on it. If it does then your all done and you can let it cool for 10 min then go ahead and slice it into it.



Kitchen tip: let this dish cool so the cheese can stay put when you slice it. If you don’t then everything just slides apart and your left with not everything being layered on top of each other, so cool for at least 10 min. I know… I know, its hard to not just dig in!




Now back to my experience …


My 21 day sugar detox was full of ups and downs of emotions given the two birthdays we had this month. I loved running my sugar detox group on Facebook, the ladies in the group truly helped me with accountability and recipe ideas. My husband doing the detox with me helped because I had a partner in crime at home with me everyday that I can vent to.

My kids were so amazing and understanding of the process. They ate whatever I made and didn’t complain (probably because they know they would starve if they didn’t eat what I cooked lol). I was definitely prepared for situations like eating out and I did pretty well too. Bringing my own condiments and didn’t find that daunting.

I am so happy I did the detox. I learned a ton about my body and what it likes and doesn’t like. Also, learning that sugar is ok in moderation but it’s not a necessity or a everyday thing I have to have. It won’t cure my emotions, or make me full of energy. With having PCOS, sugar is its enemy and can make my hormonal well being a mess. In addition; to the future lead me to have more issues, cancer being one. Therefore, I have a bigger picture to look at and having PCOS makes me really look at my overall health. The sugar detox helped rid habits I knew aren’t good for my health or my future well being.


As I move forward I plan to keep artificial sweeteners away, only use Stevia here and there but not daily.  We will also use raw honey and maple syrup as additional sweetener because of their nutritional benefit, like the minerals they carry, plus the body isn’t stressed as much by them but I will keep them to a low too.

I want to keep this healthy relationship with sugar. I am loving the way feel. Very proud of myself for accomplishing goals I set for myself, as well as taking care of my body. If you decide to do a sugar detox feel free to share (Pinterest is where I save all my good blog content I have got from other bloggers. making easy to find when I need to read the blog post again).

Please feel free, if you think this 21 Day Sugar Detox series  post/posts are helpful. Please feel free to  share it with your family and friends. If at anytime you need support or have questions feel free to contact me! I am here to  help in anyway I can! Hopefully I have inspired you to try a detox like this in the future.

Timing is never perfect for detoxes, so I hope you can feel you can get through it even in tough times.

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