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Kombucha & 10 reasons Why You need To Drink This Healthy Green Tea!

Drinking healthy Kombucha has so many health benefits such as; helping with nutrition, detoxing and boosting you Immune system! Read my 10 reasons on why you should drink this everyday!

My Adventure with Kombucha!

Its been over 4 years that I have been making/fermenting kombucha in my kitchen. I discovered kombucha because I was I wanted to rid myself of the diet 7up habit I had been drinking nightly. I knew diet drinks are bad, plus I had just found out I had women hormone issues and was given a diagnoses of PCOS , making me to be considered infertile according to my doctor (which is a whole other blog post).

One night I was on Etsy (of all places) and I came across this item for sale calling it Kombucha. This Etsy ad was saying how kombucha is a great replacement for soda.

All you need to is order a kit from the Etsy shop. So curiosity got the best of me. I clicked over and read what it was about. From the description it seemed like it was a perfect fit and the answer to replacing my nightly diet soda habit.

Healthy Elixir Kombucha Soda!

Yup that is what caught my eye 4 years ago. The Etsy add that promised a fizz like carbonated drink, along with healthy natural probiotic fermentation!



I had no clue what that meant but I was intrigued, so I ordered the kit. In the meantime of my anticipation for the kit to arrive I did some googling on what Kombucha was. I was researching all the benefits, as well as recipes. Kombucha 4 years ago was not on the radar at all. No grocery stores sold it, no one locally had starters, and It was its own little world of at home fermentors.

As I learned more and more about Kombucha I learned that it replicates itself, and people called self replication a baby aka Scoby


What is a Scoby aka Kombucha baby?

A SCOBY (for symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) is a syntrophic mixed culture, generally associated with kombucha fermentation (by yeast), anaerobic organic acid fermentation (by bacteria), and aerobic ethanol oxidation to acetate (by bacteria) all take place together.  A  Scoby is gelatinous, cellulose-based biofilm. Basically it looks like one big BlOB!


It’s usually unpasteurized (if made from home, however store bought is pasteurized).  Kombucha can be used similarly to Mother of vinegar to begin fermentation in pasteurized sweet tea. You can read more by click here .

Let the Kombucha Adventure Begin.

My Kombucha kit arrived and I was ready delve into the fermentation world. I had read all the risk that can happen with home brewing but for some reason I wasn’t scared of it. I simply followed the directions given to me, sourced organic ingredients such as

  • Organic Green Tea
  • Organic Raw Turbinado sugar
  • Clean glass jar
  • 1 paper towel
  • Rubber band

Yup that is all you need!

Happy Fermentation!

I have never tasted Kombucha so I had no clue what the end result would be like. All I knew about the taste is from what I read, which said it should have a slightly sour taste. Kind of like apple cider but should also be sweet. Since this was 4 years ago and stores didn’t sell it I had to just go off my very own first batch and use this my first ever taste of KOMBUCHA


I made my first batch and let it ferment for 11 days. Man was I so excited, it seemed like forever. I would open my cabinet (needs to be stored in a dark cool place while fermenting) and just stare at it. I wanted to make sure it was ok. By day 7 I can see it had already produced a baby Kombucha. Boy was I excited because that was a sign I was doing the fermentation process right.

Excitement I wanted to spread!

I remember I was in a local Moms Club at the time. I went to a play date that day and shared my kitchen experiment with all my Moms Club friends. They thought I was some crazy hippie lady.  Talking about babies, and, blobs regrowing themselves, and how good it is for your health lol! I was already pawning off my future Kombucha babies to my friends.


Now that I look back I think it’s funny and I did seem over the top weird about it.  I was so intrigued by it, and at the same time on a quest for better health. Little did I know I was at beginning of this crazy trend that is super popular now.

Side note: so glad I learned about Kombucha and how to make, there is no way I can spend $5 bottle for a bottle of good Kombucha! CRAZY!! It cost less then that to make more then a dozen bottles.


Drinking healthy Kombucha has so many health benefits such as; helping with nutrition, detoxing and boosting you Immune system! Read my 10 reasons on why you should drink this everyday!

10 Benefits Of drinking Kombucha!

  1. Beneficial Probiotics which will help support Gut aka intestinal/stomach health
  2.  Immune support
  3. Cleansing and detoxification of the body
  4. Helps with Joint health
  5. Energy
  6. Cancer Prevention
  7. weight-loss
  8.  Helps with hair loss
  9. Liver support/ liver detoxification
  10. Has a ton of B vitamins and Minerals


Click here and here to see where I got my facts from.


How will receiving of all the benefits of Kombucha help you on a daily basis?

I am going to summarize the top 10 reasons above the best I can. Kombucah is natural probiotic support. The blob aka mother eats up all the sugar in the tea over the course of the fermentation process. In return she puts out probiotic into the tea. How does this help you?

Sugar Monster

Probiotics helps your gut. We all have bacteria in our gut, some good and some bad. Therefore, drinking Kombucha teas help feed our good bacteria in our gut. The more good bacteria we have in our tummy the less room there is for the bad guy bacterias to colonize and take over our gut.

Gut health is like a second brain to the body, it tells the brain what to do and how to respond based off the feedback  the microorganisms are telling the gut. So for example; if you have a bunch of bad gut bacteria in your (gut) that means you’ll have more sugar cravings. Sugar feeds that bad bacteria in the gut. By feeding them and allowing them to over populate, your bad bacteria will send signals to your brain telling the brain that it needs and wants more sugar!! So see, this why the gut is referred to as the bodies second brain! Yikes!



If the Gut has more good bacteria in it then less “I WANT SUGAR SIGNALS” will go to the brain. Less sugar signals to brain means less cravings for bad over processed sugary foods/cravings. Bad bacteria also will keep valuable nutrients from being absorbed in your body, therefore making it harder to lose weight. Your body needs all the nutrients it can get so it can be a fat burning machine. If you have vitamin deficiencys your body can’t metabolize food properly, or absorb them because the bad bacteria is being a big HOG and taking all the nutrients from you! Plus we want our second brain aka the gut to stop wanting sugar right? So lets tell the gut to say the right things to the brain!

My cancer scare

Cancer is a word I hear more and more about. It seriously makes me sad and it happens at any age. I am determined to do whatever I can to avoid it again! Yup, I was pretty close to having full blown cancer in my 20’s. Luckily they caught it when it was just early cells but those early cells of cancer were weeks away from me having full blown cancer.

The doctors luckily removed the parts that had those early cells but I still had to go for months and months of biopsy’s and it was a whole year post surgery that I was finally in the clear of any cancer forming cells. This scare early in my life was enough for me to know that cancer is a reality and it can take your life at any age. Being that I was young and strong I think my body was able to keep the cancer at arms length.

I remember looking at my son who was just 3 at the time and thinking if I would be in his future. I dodged that bullet once but I don’t EVER want to run into that bullet again.


Cancer| Immune Support| Detoxing

Kombucha can help by supporting your liver. The acidic environment in the drink helps alkaline the body and the body loves this, so does the liver. So Anything you can do to support the liver will be a big help in cancer prevention. The livers role in your body is to remove toxins but if its not being supported then it cant clean house properly. It will literally start cleaning house then decide its tired and start to watch The Real Housewives instead because its too tired to clean the mess up (I am sure you can relate lol).


Allowing all the toxins to pile up and float around in the body. Allowing those nasty cancer cells to form in us!

Kombucha offers a ton of immune support by aiding the gut health and liver health, so by drinking one glass a day you are helping your body avoid cancer. I am not saying that you will never get cancer if you drink Kombucha, but what I am saying is that it can minimize your chances of getting it. If you ever get CANCER, this scary disease at last your body will be healthy enough to fight off the cancer cells and this just might have a jump start in your treatment.

Hair loss and Vitamins

Do you suffer from hair-loss? If so then this healthy green tea elixir can help. Why?

We usually lose hair from stress. Stress sucks all the vitamin B’s out of you. This is why doctors recommend B vitamins to patients when they are stressed for healthy stress support.


Kombucha naturally has B Vitamins in them! You can kill two birds with one stone just by having 1 GLASS OF KOMBUCHA A DAY. Giving you Vitamin B’s to help support stress in return helping your body have less side effect to stress…meaning more hair for you to brush!


Want to learn how to make Kombucha?

In the next few weeks I will be putting together a FREE EBOOK and videos to accompany the EBOOK to show YOU how to make Kombucha!

Some people can read something like a eBook and just grasp the idea with pictures. However I want to cater to the visual learner as well. Plus sometimes we just don’t have time to read things. Watching a video, I feel would also help you learn and the eBook can be there in written form to refer back to as well.


I will show YOU step one of the fermentation process and step two (the carbonation fermentation process)


You can be done at step one. However, if  you want that yummy soda like fizz from Kombucha then there is a 2nd fermentation process that needs to happen.


I tell you, once you make it, you will not be disappointed. Its so simple and easy to make. My kid and husband enjoy this healthy drink.

To get updates on my FREE EBOOK/VIDEO Kombucha making series subscribe to my blog. You will be alerted when you can grab this freebie. Which will be available in the coming weeks. You can subscribe by filling out the form below that says “Newsletter”


Thank you for reading my post: I hope you find this post informative and helpful! If You didn’t get a chance to read. You can pin it to Pinterest and refer back to it later.


If you feel friends and family would learn from this post feel free to share it on Facebook. I would lovethe knowledge of Kombucha to be spread, so the more people know about KOMBUCHA the more they will learn about HOW  to support proper health!

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