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    Instant Pot Sugar Free Ketchup Easy Homemade Keto | Low carb | Whole 30 Friendly

    Ketchup is one of those condiments that is much needed and is a favorite Condiment! Open up a fridge, and there is the bottle at the side door just waiting to be squirted on your favorite hamburger, hot dog, or fries.

    Now that I am living the keto life; I need a recipe to place the tangy tomato topper, that still features the sweet and savory taste of all store bought ketchup. When living the keto life, you cant just go to the store and buy any old ketchup bottle.

    The problem is, all ketchup you find made commercially has added a sweetener to it. Which is not keto friendly has extra carbs to it, and is full of other processed ingredients. I also don’t want to buy ketchup full of artificial sweeteners. These Store bought bottles  aren’t the best for you because they have ingredients like aspartame, Therefore; I don’t want to pay $6- $8 for a freaking bottle of ketchup!


    Homemade Keto Friendly Ketchup

    Homemade Keto | Whole30 | Low Carb Sugar Free Ketchup #easy #keto #lowcarb #paleo #21dsd



    Not only is this ketchup recipe A REAL food whole based,  sugar and sweetener-free, real simple to make recipe. Since this is a slow-cooker recipe/ Instant pot recipe, you can make  BIG BATCH and freeze it mason jars, so when you run out, you can just grab one from the freezer and place in the fridge.

    I also like to carry my homemade ketchup in my purse if I know I am going to out for dinner. I found these cute little squirt bottles at Target Store you can fill with ketchup.

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    Keto Spicy Thai Nut Mix Recipe (Paleo, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Low Carb)

    I love this trail nut mix recipe. I discovered it last year when I was a the 21 day sugar detox. It is so easy to make and really delicious. Now that I follow the keto diet.  I went through some of my favorite 21 day sugar detox recipes that I really enjoyed. This recipe is very keto and low carb friendly.


    Homemade Spicy Thai Nut Mix KETO | PALEO | 21DSD #keto #paleo #21dsd #lowcarb #trailmix #ketorecipe

    Why you should make your own trail nut mix!

    While doing keto you have to be careful with hidden sugars or carbs that can be found in store-bought nut trail mixes. A lot of the Nut mixes in the stores are coated with sugar or have fruit in them and no one wants to pick out the dried fruit that you cant eat because it’s not low carb friendly.

    I also don’t like hydrogenated/refined oils that they store bought nut mixes have. Store bought nut mixes usually roast their nuts in bad canola oils or vegetable oils. Which are one of the worst oils you can use, especially if roasting at high temperature in the oven?

    Click here to read more about why YOU shouldn’t use these oils.


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    Keto Friendly Chocolate Chip Cookies

    The Best Keto Chocolate Chip You Will Ever Have! #keto #ketorecipe #ketogenic #ketocookie #cookie

    Yes, you can actually have a cookie on the keto diet! Chewy, delicious, soft cookies are my favorite kind of cookie. Like the chips ahoy cookies you can find at the store that are NOT keto friendly!

    Stumbling on the recipes while watching Youtube. I decided I had to give these Keto friendly chewy chocolate chip cookies a try for myself.

    This chewy chocolate chip cookie is the first keto cookie I have ever tried to make. I started Keto the beginning of January so I knew I would need to have a cookie recipe that I loved, and that was keto friendly as well.

    The Best Keto Chocolate Chip Cookie, Chewy and Tasty!


    The Best Keto Chocolate Chip You Will Ever Have! #keto #ketorecipe #ketogenic #ketocookie #cookie


    To my surprise, the secret ingredient to this cookie that makes it so soft and chewy is grass-fed beef collagen! I am a big fan of collagen.  I use it almost every day in my coffee or to thicken sauces. It’s flavorless so you cant taste it when you mix it with foods, or beverages and collagen are packed with tons of nutrition!

    I used sugar-free chocolate chips in my recipe to also make it a Keto friendly cookie. I whipped these cookies up in no time.

    the final outcome is a perfectly sweet, nice soft texture, and a truly delicious cookie! I would truly have this cookie over a traditional flour non-keto cookie. Trust me you want to make this cookie. My kids are the ultimate taste testers. I have a picky teenager who thinks anything healthy is nasty. I have a toddler who is so picky about texture and looks, and I have a 7-year-old who is gluten-free and cant have any old cookie if it has gluten.

    The kids approve… All 3 of them. Now I have a healthy cookie recipe that is Keto friendly, gluten-free, and family approved!

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    Make & Take Essential Oils Party For Homemade Holiday Gifts

    rMy dear friend and I decided to hosted our very first Make & Take oils holiday gifts party this past weekend. We, as in my wonderful friend Claire who also uses oils in her daily life, wanted to host a fun gift making holiday celebration for our family and friends where we could share some fun ideas and recipes that you can make with essential oils. I am very happy to say it was a huge success! I am so grateful to our friends who decided to join us in this crazy holiday gift making oily party.

    We all gathered around and made a beauty inspired theme set using essential oils. My friend and I decided to make recipes that featured Doterra Essential oils; therefore we found recipes that ladies use everyday with the use of 3 simple oils. Our list of gifts to make is as follows.


    Girls Gift Beauty Basket


    • Lips Scrub
    • Lip Balm
    • Body Scrub
    • Bath Salts
    • Linen Spray
    • Essential Oil Roller
    • Essential Oil Lava Bead Bracelets with cutie charms

    Party Planning



    Party planning was so fun! One being that my friend and I can chat it up all day and night, so spending time together is always fun, then add essential oils to mix and we are having a oily-thon lol!! We came together for a coffee planning date and searched good old Pinterest together for essential oil gift recipes. I actually had one recipe that I really liked “the body scrub” so I knew we had to throw that one in mix to make in our gifts set.


    We also thought about what we use daily as women, as well as what we like to pamper ourselves with daily. Like beautiful smelling bath salts, body scrubs, and lip care. We both also love to smell beautiful aromas that essential oils naturally have to offer. So making a essential oil roller oil, linen spray (which I personally use as a pillow spray at night, or even a bathroom spray -for ya know bathroom stank)! Oh, and we both love love love lava beads. Just one drop of essential oils on a lava bead ball can be smelled for hours on you, looks stylish and cute! All of these DIY essential oil beauty recipes make great gift for friends and family!

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    BLACK FRIDAY AMAZON For Everyone In the Family!




    My top must haves for this holiday season all in one spot for you to just click and see what the best deals are. I am a big fan of kitchen gadgets and cooking supplies


    I always brag about my Instant Pot. In fact I bought my Instant Pot 4 years ago when they first came out. My Instant pot is used almost everyday of the week and its still going strong like a champ! Now they have fancier versions that have blue tooth so you can operate from your phone even when your not home. Now isn’t that cool!




    My Favorite Kitchen tools

    I also love my kitchen spiralizer and if you want to eat healthier in 2018 then this tool is a must have. It has made low carb eating really easy for me because instead of pasta I eat zoodles. My cast iron lodge dutch oven is also a great kitchen must have. It is pretty and durable, cooks well, and has a non toxic safe coating. The copper coated pans I don’t have but they are on my Christmas wish list.

    Coffee and meal prepping

    I love cold brew and I love making it from home so having the kit below will save you money and a trip to Starbucks.

    My friend and I meal prep weekly together so we need some good cutting mats and durable knives. So the rubber mat and knives below are great, cheap, and durable! You can check out our recent meal prep tutorial click here to view.






    Here is smaller version of the Instant Pot for those who are single or are couple that are kids free!


    For those who want to get super fancy and splurge on the


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    My 3 Day Journey Exploring Intermittent Fasting While On The Keto Diet.

    Intermittent Fasting My 3 Day Journey! #keto #fasting # intermittentfasting

    I learned about intermittent fasting a few years ago when I first embarked on the Paleo Diet. It would come up to me while I was reading on the paleo/low carb blogs. I would read about it but I never really looked into it till this year.

    Earlier this year I decided to try the ketogenic diet. The ketogenic diet is great for balancing women hormones and even re-balancing insulin, as well as hunger hormones. I decided to try the keto diet to have a better balance of female hormones since I am feeling like my PCOS symptom were creeping back in to my life.


    The Keto Diet and Intermittent Fasting

    Intermittent Fasting My 3 Day Journey! #keto #fasting # intermittentfasting


    What is Keto/ Ketogenic? 

    A keto diet is a low carbohydrate way of eating. Your goal is to stay under 20 grams of net carbs for a prolonged period of time so that your body can start to make to ketones. When your body makes ketones that means your body starts to burn fat for fuel and no longer uses carbs to fuel your bodies daily energy needs. When this happens that means your body is in ketosis.


    Intermittent fasting:

    Is when you choose a eating windows during the day . Usually you can condenses your entire macro-nutrient/meals intake between a 4 and 7 hour window. The rest of the time you are in a fasting state. For example; I will do a 16-18 hour daily fast. I will stop eating at 7 pm and not have any meal till the following day between 10-12 p.m. When I break my fast I will eat my normal breakfast, then maybe 3 hours later have my lunch, then eat my dinner round 6-7 p.m. After my dinner I don’t eat till the following day at around 11 a.m./12 p.m.


    What Is Ketosis? Hint: It Can Help You Burn Fat & Suppress Your Appetite


    Intermittent Fasting My 3 Day Journey! #keto #fasting # intermittentfasting


    1. Consumption of glucose from carbohydrate foods — grains, starchy vegetables, fruit, etc. — is cut way down.
    2. This forces your body to find an alternative fuel source: fat (think avocados, coconut oil, salmon).
    3. Meanwhile, in the absence of glucose, the body also starts to burn fat and produces ketones instead.
    4. Once ketone levels in the blood rise to a certain point, you enter into a state of ketosis.
    5. This state results in quick and consistent weight loss until you reach a healthy, stable body weight.

    Read more about it, click here from a trusted source


    Why I do the keto diet and how it helps me balance my body


    I have been on the keto journey this past year so I have cycled in and out of it. I can tell my hormones loved the high fat diet. All my hot flashes, moodiness, and bad ovulation pain from my ovaries calmed down a ton this past year. The times when I cycled out of keto I found my symptoms would slowly creep back into my monthly cycle, even horrible PMS.. UGH

    I have been strict keto and intermittent fasting for the past two months. 4 days a week I do my 16-18 hour fasts then 1 day a week I do a 20 hour fast. 2 days a week I don’t fast (this is usually on the weekends when I don’t fast because I want to enjoy breakfast with my family on the weekends).


    I have found my body adapted really well to this scheduled way of eating and my hormones seemed to like it too. I also workout, therefore I was worried about muscle loss from not eating as soon as I was done working out ( I am a morning time workout person). Despite concerns my muscle gains seemed more now then ever before, so even my muscles like it. I also lost whatever stubborn 5 pounds of vanity weight I had going on. 5 pounds believe it or not one me a small 5’0 women is a lot to get rid of and hard. Keto and intermittent fasting seemed to do the trick for me!!

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    Chili Bean Soup Instant Pot/Slow cooker Simple

    Instant Pot/Slow Cooker Super Simple Chili Bean Soup #instantpot #slowcooker #soup #onepotmeal

    Its FALL! I love fall, it is my favorite time of the cooking season. I love to make soups and stews around this time.

    This past week my neighborhood had a festive fall chili bean cook off block party. All the neighbors round up and block apart of the neighborhoods street. We all live in gated community so its not to much of hassle to block off a corner. Plus everyone there basically lives on that corner.

    My kids truly had a blast playing all the neighborhood kids and we got to mingle with a few neighbors we never met before. The fun part for the adults is to taste all the delicious and tasty homemade chili that the fellow neighbors made. We simply labeled each slow cooker, in my case it was my Instant Pot. There were 9 entrees in total and I was #8.

    My chili bean soup didn’t win but trust me there was a lot of competition among my fellow neighbors. Even I had a hard time picking my favorite Chili bean soup. We all bonded over the spicy tongues we had and full belly we sported. I went back about 4 time and tried each one because, one they were all so tasty, and two I just couldn’t decide which one I liked. The winner ended up being lucky #5, which made me happy because that is the one I voted for!!

    Instant Pot/Slow Cooker Super Simple Chili Bean Soup #instantpot #slowcooker #soup #onepotmeal

    Instant Pot/Slow Cooker Super Simple Chili Bean Soup #instantpot #slowcooker #soup #onepotmeal


    Simple Instant Pot Chili Bean Soup

    I am a procrastinator, so even though I knew about this chili bean cook off I literally prepped everything 2 hours before, shopping and cooking! So I hopped in my car and drove to the store. I knew I wanted to add a little twist to it so I thought to myself “how about chorizo”! Oh and bacon… Yes bacon.. Bacon makes everything better!


    I went in the store knowing I wanted to have a chili bean base with those spicy and tasty ingredients. At the top of my head I knew a good chili soup has tomatoes, so I grabbed a can, then I  figured peppers would be a good veggie to have in this dish since the sweet, yet spicy peppers can give this soup a nice kick. lastly I had to grab the star of the show which is beans!


    30 min later I was back at home. I put my Instant Pot on the saute function and browned away my meats and chorizo. Then I popped open my frozen peppers bag and tex mex spices and cooked a bit more with the meats. Once the meats were done browning. I simply opened my cans of beans and tomatoes and poured them into my Instant Pot. Put the Instant Pot pressure cooker lid on and then set my functions. I used the soup function and set it for 30 min.


    Its a literally and set it and forget about it instant pot recipe. I went on marry way to get my kids ready and myself for our neighborhood cook off. Once I was done getting ready I check onit and it was all cooked and done! BOOM THAT SIMPLE!


    Chili Bean Soup Taste Testing

    Now it was time for me to test the recipe myself since I truly never tried it and totally made it up at the drop of a whim. I tasted it along with the kids and I thought; “hey this is a very tasty soup with all the right spice you need in a chili soup”. Its hardy and delicate of spice! So far so good. The family approved it was chili cook off worthy!

    Instant Pot/Slow Cooker Super Simple Chili Bean Soup #instantpot #slowcooker #soup #onepotmeal

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